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Rod Gates
13 years ago

I was privelaged to share four years with "Crawf" at UNE in the early 70's My enduring memory of Peter is him being sent off in a basket ball game just because he tackeled a particularly difficult opposition player. Rest in Peace Crawf, you leave us with many treasured memories. Rod Gates

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Paul Davies
13 years ago

Peter thanks for your friendship and thoughtful leadership at university. Our path's crossed briefly 2 years ago at the alumni's 40th reunion. It was apparent to me then what a great contribution you'd made across many areas of life, whether on the sporting field, your college presence or in the educational arena, especially with indigenous people. Why I learn now that you were even quite the poet, so your words and therefore your memory will live strong. You've left the world a better place and that's always the measure of a person's life. To your family my sympathies. You'll clearly miss him, but please try to draw some solace from the knowledge that he's made a very positive impact on all of us who knew him along the journey. Paul Davies, St. Albert's College UNE 1969-1971

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